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house rules

Jenny Schäfer
  1. The use of the tent and parking area is allowed from Thursday, August 26, 2021, 10 am. Entering the tent, parking and festival area before this time is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee your safety before the mentioned date, mainly due to financial reasons.
  2. If you have any signs of a Covid-19 infection before the start of your journey to Neustrelitz (e.g. cough, sore throat, fever) or a positive test result, arrival is officially prohibited and we ask you to stay at home.
  3. Access to the event areas is only possible with a cloth wristband, which you will receive at the entrance only after showing your personalized card, an identification document with picture.
  4. In order to make the festival as safe as possible for all participants, if the current infection situation dictates, you will only be granted access to the grounds with a negative rapid test result or a negative PCR test result not older than 24 hours. (If necessary at the time of the event, rapid tests will be available on site and the price of these will be included in the ticket price).
  5. In case of a positive test result, you will be refunded the ticket price, but you will have to take care of a quarantine compliant return journey yourself. If you need help with the organization, we can help you with car rental or hotels.
  6. Be responsible and considerate of your fellow human beings by following the current AHA rules and our recommended actions throughout the site. Be considerate of each other and kindly point out to each other that these measures are being observed. If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to contact us at this number: 030 / 55 49 91 43.
  7. With the personalized ticket for the festival you not only get access to the festival area, it also allows you to use the tent and parking facilities of the Immergut Festival, as well as the shuttle train free of charge. Only for the Bulli/Caravan area you have to buy a separate ticket. As a little extra, friendly security personnel with a fine Saxon touch will also greet you.
  8. The security staff will do everything in their power to ensure that the event runs smoothly. For a quick and smooth process, please follow the instructions of the security men and women.
  9. In order to make your visit to the festival a wonderful experience with great memories, we ask all festival visitors for tolerance, consideration, civil courage and help in emergencies. Therefore, racist, inhuman, ableist, sexist and homophobic behavior will not be tolerated, will be reported to the police and will lead to immediate expulsion.
  10. Bringing glass bottles, canisters and cans to the festival area is not allowed. Non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles or TetraPaks can be taken up to one liter per person. At our showers, but also at other places on the festival area, you have the possibility to get drinking water free of charge and without limits.
  11. Firearms, cutting or stabbing weapons as well as glass objects are prohibited on the festival grounds.
  12. Please note the proximity of our event area to railway tracks, which are used by trains. Train tracks may not be entered or blocked by vehicles parked on the track. Please take care of your own safety and that of your fellow festival visitors. Special caution is also required when getting on and off the train at the platform of the festival area. Please move within the barriers and marked paths and pay attention to the signal of the train to avoid accidents.
  13. The forests and lakes of our homeland are our great pride and capital. Even after several days of drought, there is a high risk of forest fires. Therefore, in order to avoid fires, fire is strictly forbidden on the festival area.
  14. For your and our safety, please make sure that you do not throw your cigarettes into flammable containers and especially not into the forest. A popular slogan at this point: "Butts are incendiaries!".
  15. For the sake of the environment, please dispose of your trash in the appropriate trash containers and bags. Separated trash = trash that can be recycled. Big thanks! You will receive garbage bags from the friendly helpers at the entrance.
  16. For your safety and the safety of your fellow human beings, please leave your car after consuming narcotics or intoxicants and rather take the train.
  17. For safety and space economy, please park your cars in the designated parking areas and not anywhere along the way. Camping is only allowed on the marked tent areas. Camping with a van, trailer or caravan is only possible on our van/caravan site, for which a separate ticket must be purchased. Furthermore, only there you are protected from wild boars and the marksmanship of the local foresters*.
  18. Animals are not allowed on the festival area for the safety of the festival visitors and for their own protection. So please do not torture your pets or our security staff. Guide dogs are of course welcome!
  19. By participating in the Immergut Festival you agree that photos and video clips of you may be taken during the festival and used by immergutrocken e.V. and the press in connection with coverage of the Immergut Festival. An objection to this should be sent to
  20. Music systems and loud power generators on parking or tent areas violate the need for peace and quiet of others and will be removed from the event area. Especially during the time from Friday 2 to 8, Saturday 2 to 8 and Sunday 2 to 8 we ask you to be considerate of the sleeping people next to you.
  21. Advertising banners of our cooperation partners and sponsors as well as instruments of the bands are no souvenirs. Any theft will be reported to the police. If you want to take a souvenir from the festival, we recommend our textile souvenirs at the Immergut stand as extremely legal souvenirs.
  22. We are obliged to point out that minors have to leave the festival area before midnight without a parent or guardian.
  23. Children between the ages of 0 and 11 will be admitted to the festival grounds free of charge. From the age of 12, a normal Immergut Festival ticket is required. Important: We are a child-friendly festival. However, please note that a festival is not a suitable place for (small) children. Also, children and teenagers under the age of 18 must either be accompanied by a*parent or have a permission to participate confirmed by a*parent and always carry it with them.
  24. Photography for private use is of course welcome and permitted. However, anything that looks like "professional equipment" must unfortunately remain outside.
  25. When bathing in the lakes, please take care of yourself, because bathing is at your own risk. We also ask you not to wash with soap and to leave the beaches clean. But you are doing that anyway, because you have read point 8 here very carefully.
  26. We do not take any responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items on the festival and tent area. Please take care of your belongings and do not leave valuables in the tent. If you do lose something, you can either ask on site at the kiosk or afterwards by e-mail if something has been found and handed in.
  27. The points 1 to 25 are not optional but mandatory. As organizer we have to take care of the security on the festival area and to fulfill all requirements of the responsible authorities. To ensure that the festival can take place in the future, we are obliged to enforce the above house rules. Anyone who does not follow the instructions of the security staff after being asked to do so, or who defies the house rules or endangers himself, others or the festival, will be expelled from the event area. We hope that this will be necessary as rarely as in the past.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation for the safety of the festival!

Your immergutrocken e.V.

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The Immergutrocken e.V. as the organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program. The house rules as shown on the notice apply on the event area.

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