Shuttle Train

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Photo: Mike Menzel

“Stop! I have a blister on my foot!”

“Ouch, I have stitches from laughing.”

“Timeout, I need a breathing pause! - Pheeeew!”

Between all these sporty challenges and records its time for a break. Who can always be in top form? Here's our alternative wellness program for you: Like every year our narrow-gauge railway will be there to get you from A to B and allow you to rest your muscles. The train will be going from the train station to the festival area from Friday to Sunday to help you arrive and depart. On Saturday you can also go to the lake on the train or you can go to the supermarket in the city centre. Does that sound good? And while you're swimming in the lake or food shopping you can start to train your stamina and muscles again. The timetable for the train will be published on our website soon.

Text: Bjarne