Shuttle Train

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Photo: Mike Menzel

As always, it all comes at the same time – the backpack is way too heavy, your arms feel like they are already getting longer because of the beer crates weight and those super sweet polkadotted rubber boots are not as comfy as expected. However, fear not, just be on the lookout for our little, red railway at the Neustrelitz main station.
Get in, take a seat, and be chauffeured directly to the festival area. Like that, you can start your journey to the green countryside relaxed. It is quite common, that after the first night at the campsite your picnic hamper might already be plundered. Again: relax and fear not! Just get on the red railway, which will bring you back to the city centre where you can restock all your supplies and go for a wander around the historical core of the city. Some of you might be more up for a first dip into the water. Just grab a towel and a swimsuit and enjoy the ride through the green countryside around Neustrelitz to the nearest bathing lake. On Sunday, when it is time to say “Until next year!” again, the railway will be your best friend to bring you, your tent and all your gear back to the main station in Neustrelitz, from where you can start your journey back home. For your own safety and all other guests at the festival: Mind the immediate proximity of our festival area to the track installations, which are used by trains. Keep of the track installations! Cars must not be parked at the track installations.

Author: Jule