Label Tent

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Photo: Mike Menzel

The CD rack was our whole pride back in our youth days. But who does still have one of these towers? Yes, tower! It looked ridiculous. Today, we pride ourselves with Vinyl, but still appreciate every download code falling out of the package. We mostly got rid of CDs and regret upgrading our car radio. Maybe the cassette get’s another turn. As old-fashioned as holding music in your hands, we still value craftsmanship and nice things. The festival is made and build up with much love and zest for action. Our Labelzelt provide our cultural cosmos. Co-op as back in the days, shopping halls, booths, that kind of stuff.. here, there’s music, merch and lots of nice things that come with the same love to us. Ever in front of the door: the Immergut booth. Finest festival-thread and the music of the weekend (of course in circular form) pass the counter. Be quick! Back in our everyday cities the vinyl collection can be restocked. Definitely looks better than these plastic squares.

Author: Steffi