Call for Kunz 2016

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Photo: Mike Menzel

KUNZ into the countryside


We are looking for ambitious and aspiring artists, who are willing to take part in the exhibition of this years Immergut Festival edition, which will take place on May 27 & 28 in Neustrelitz.

Neustrelitz, March 2016 – The exhibition project KUNZ at Immergut Festival has been a traditional highlight within the cultural cosmos of the music festival since 2010. KUNZ represents the content-related enlargement of the main-theme. In 2016 we are heading for a „Journey into the countryside“. What's up with that, how do we express it and how can we make it come alive? Show us your ideas of KUNZ in the countryside.

Statistically, most of you start their journey into the countryside from the not-so-far urban jungle of Berlin. The weird thing about that is: It has always been that way. Going back in time when horse carts were still alive, people used to travel a very easygoing way, passing small towns and villages until they arrived our so called Seenplatte (an area with lots of nice lakes), just to jump into the water, to take a deep breath of fresh air, to relax. Mostly, they did it as a day or weekend trip: outing at its best.

Getting free from the everyday stress and taking a break has never been as urgent as nowadays. It doesn’t matter from which fast-living and busy corner of the country you’re starting: The only thing that counts is the decision to escape from the rush and to start your journey into the countryside. You surely won’t regret it und your soul will thank you later. We have nothing else to add besides: Unplug everything and let’s go into the countryside!


We are looking for artists, who want to start their journey into the countryside, depicting it in an art project. Paintings, sculptures, sound or video installations or even performances – everything is more than welcome.


What we offer:

  • Free entry for the festival including a backstage-pass for every artist and one companion (for solo-artists only). The pass includes free catering on both days of the festival, camping inside the backstage-area (toilets and showers). Alternatively, there is the possibility of a buyout of 25€/night for every artist for an accommodation, that you book yourself.
  • Travel reimbursement roundtrip, up to a maximum of 130€ for every art project. The travel reimbursement is valid for 1) your travel by car (0,20€/km) or on presentation of the gas receipt and 2) your travel by train for one ticket in the 2nd class.
  • Short introduction on the website and in the accompanying booklet in the „artists“ section.
  • The possibility to sell you art works including a commission of 20% for immergutrocken e.V.
  • The exhibition of further art works in the backstage-area upon consultation.


We are looking forward to reading your applications soon. Please, send your application consisting of a short concept description, a CV and a significant portfolio to

Deadline is April 17, 2016.

Author: Tim