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Photo: Niklas Wolter

Football players of today don’t have it easy: stupid bets that result in mockery in barber gazettes, invitations to the Jungle Camp, but no crown or wags, who happen to discover careers of their own. Where is all the shine, that grass-green sparkle in sweat drops and gracefulness of regional league achievements? With 18, many afternoons and weekends were spent on the football ground. Maybe, yeah maybe a career could have come out of it. Maybe the nurserie’s A3 posters could become everyday reality, maybe everything pays off. But then there was education, academic studies or a sensitive ankle. The passion stayed, Sundays in front of the telly or outside with the boys. Or here with us on the pitch. 18 years of Immergut also means: 18 years Immergutzocken. When festival visitors meet the immergutrocken e.V. and booze is more important than goals. On the pitch! Welcoming awkward bets that turns RTLs editorial staff pale.

Facts Fixture:
Saturday, 27th of May
Ground: Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion, Pappelallee 17, a short warm-up run away
Start: 11 o’clock I Finish: 16 o’clock
Rules: No meanness
Qualification: The best scorers for both fan-teams qualify Friday around 17 o’clock at the goal wall shooting on the festival grounds.

Spieltag: Samstag, 28. Mai
Bolzplatz: Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sportplatz I Ein Bus-Shuttle bringt euch ab 9Uhr alle 30 Minuten hin.
Spielbeginn: 11 Uhr I Spielende: 16 Uhr
Spielregeln: Keine Nickeligkeiten
Qualifikation: Die besten Festivalschützen qualifizieren sich am Freitag an der Torwand auf dem Festivalgelände für die beiden Fanmannschaften.

Text: Steffi