Rules of Conduct

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Photo: Bernadette-Charlotte Peil & Paul-Ruben Mundthal

1 The camping and parking area is offically open from Friday, 27 May, 10am on. Everyone who enters the festival area before this time does this at his/hers own risk. Your security can’t warrant before that date, mainly for financial reasons.

2 With the admission ticket for the festival you will get not only access to the festival area, it also allows you free use of the tent and parking areas. As a bonus, you’ll be also welcomed by the friendly security staff with a fine Saxon accent.

3 The security staff will do everything in his power to make the event work. For a quick and smooth process, please follow the instructions of the security men and women.

4 Immergut should be a joyful occasion for everyone. Therefore we ask all guests to be tolerant, considerate, helpful and respectful to each other. Any racist, inhuman, sexist or homophobic behaviour will result in an immediate kick to the curb and a permanent ban from Immergut Festival.

5 The transportation of glass bottles, cans and boxes to the festival ground is not permitted. Non-alcoholic drinks in plastic bottles or Tetra Paks can be brought in, up to one liter per person. At the showers are opportunity to get free and unlimited drinking water.

6 Firearms, cutting or stabbing weapons, and glass objects are prohibited on the festival-site.

7 Please be aware of the rail tracks right next to the parking lot and festival area. Walking, driving or parking on the rails is prohibited at any time. Take care when entering and exiting the carriages and pay attention to any signals from the train or the conductors.

8 Particular caution should be exercised when entering and leaving the train at the platform of the festival site. Move within the exclusion zones and marked paths and respect the trainsignals to avoid accidents.

9 The forests and lakes of our country are our pride and capital. Already after several days of drought there is an extreme risk of forest fires. To prevent fires, fire is therefore strictly prohibited on the festival grounds. There is an extra barbecue area set up.

10 For your and our security, please make sure that you do not throw your fag in combustible containers and especially not in the woods.

11 To protect the environment, please dispose of your garbage bags or containers in the trash. Big thank you! You’ll get garbage bags from our friendly volunteers.

12 Because of the security and economy of space please park your car on the designated parking areas and not somewhere along the way. Camping is only permitted on the designated tent area. In addition, you are there protected against boars and foresters.

13 Animals are not allowed on the festival-site for the safety of festival visitors and their own protection. So please do not torment your pets and our security.

14 By participating in the Immergut Festival each visitor agrees that photos and video clips that show the visitors during the festival, may be used by organizers and media representatives in connection with reporting about the Immergut.

15 Stereos and loud generators at park or camping grounds will be removed from the area because of the need for rest and hurting. Especially in the period from Saturday 2-8am and Sunday 2-8am we ask you for consideration for the sleepers next to you.

16 Banners of our partners and sponsors, and instruments of the bands are not souvenirs. Each theft is taken from us for display. If you plan to take a memory of the festival, there are, as always, tracklists or signs available. As a very legitimate souvenirs at this point, we recommend you our festival merchandise.

17 We are obliged to point out that minors have to leave the premises without a legal guardian before midnight.

18 Children aged 0 to 11 years will receive free admission to the festival, from the age of 12 years, you need a normal Immergut Festival ticket. Important: We are a family friendly festival. However please note that a festival is not a suitable place for (small) children. Also, children and adolescents under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent and seek confirmation of a parent permission to participate and always carry it with them.

19 You can take photos for your private use at any time. Please note that everything looking like “professional equipment” can not be taken on the festival site.

20 While taking a bath in the lake we please you to take care, bathing is for your own risk. Please refrain washing with soap and keep the beaches clean. But you’ll do anyway because you have carefully read paragraph 7.

21 Points 1 to 20 are not possible, but must provisions. As organizers we have to provide the security at the festival site and try to accomplish all requirements of the administrative bodies. In order for the coming festivals in the future, we have a duty to enforce the rules of conduct above. Everyone who does not respect these rules or opposed to others or endangers the festival, will be expelled from the event.

We hope that this will be as rare as in the past,
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation for a wonderful and save festival!
Your Immergut-Team

Text: Bjarne