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Photo: Sebastian Gottschalk

Can I bring a carer for free with my certificate of disability?

With proof of your certificate of disability you can bring a carer of your choice to the festival for free to revive your youth. However, this only works if you buy your ticket in our online ticket shop. Please contact us before you place the order with an email to tickets(at)

Please use this email address (tickets(at) for all matters concerning the festival (e.g. arrival). Don’t be shy, it is a very useful source for information.

Festival area
If the weather is good the festival area becomes a pleasant meadow. Once it is raining it turns into a muddy and slippery area. There are no steps or other obstacles though. A wheelchair-accessible toilet can be found on campsite 1.

The regional theatre Neustrelitz is wheel-chair accessible. Via a ramp on the right side of the building you can access the theatre and on the same side you can use the accessible toilet. Please let us know if you want to attend the evening in the theatre so we can reserve space/seats for you and also your carer. It is very important to let us know because there is free seating and limited space for wheelchairs in the room.


For all people of legal age but no driver’s license, car or eco-friendly awareness: there is a few offers from Deutsche Bahn that make it easier for you to get to the festival via train. Check the mobility help websites of Deutsche Bahn.

Once you get to lovely Neustrelitz there is an elevator that brings you from platform 1 (arrival from Hamburg, Berlin) down to a subway and up a steep rise to the arrival hall of the train station. At the train station there is (finally!) an accessible toilet in front of the station forecourt.

Transit train
The red narrow-gauge railway goes directly from the platform opposite from where the trains from Berlin or Hamburg arrive. It is very cosy in there and gives you time to get to know all potential camping neighbours. Unfortunately, the train is definitely older than 18 years and wasn’t necessarily built with wheel-chairs in mind. Without help it might be difficult to get through the narrow doors and once on the train you need to hold on tight. For all you adventurers: try it and let us know your experience! Bus As you know coaches are not as accessible as other forms of transport. What you can do for sure is to stow orthopaedic tools as bulky luggage for free. (Warning: you have to book it before). Guide dogs and one registered carer are allowed to board the bus for free.

If you want to drive up, proud as a peacock in your ride you need to book it with us first. As always with parking: first come, first serve. If you need space between your car and others because of medical equipment, please let us know via email and we see what we can do. Unfortunately, our stewards “Parker-Louise” on-site don’t have the time to find a good spot for you because of the high traffic volume.

The small-town taxis don’t have cars with ramps, lifts etc. and therefore they can’t transport people who require assistance. Please send us an email for more information about shuttle services that may be more suitable.

On site 

Electricity supply
For your 18th birthday you usually get some money, but even if we put together this money and cashed in our saving accounts it wouldn’t be possible to buy the festival site. Therefore, we don’t have a consistent electricity supply on-site. We use generators and unfortunately we have to advise you against attending if you absolutely need electrical devices, e.g. a respirator in the night. Exceptions to this rule are electrical wheel-chairs which you have to let us know about in advance so we can find a spot for you and the wheel-chair.

Sanitary installations
Let us start with what we’ve got: we have two accessible, locked portable toilets on campsite 1. When you are planning your trip, send us an email (if you haven’t done so already) so you can get the key for the toilet. Unfortunately, there are no accessible showers.

Author: Rike