First Dip

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Photo: Ulrike Jäger & Felix Mertsch

Flunkyball, immergutzocken (our soccer match), dance marathon. No matter which game might be your favourite or which lets your heart go faster, we will forget about our exhaustion anyway while having so much fun. And if this isn't enough and you still need to get moving and a refreshed: we are lucky, the Immergut Festival is set in the heart of the Mecklenburg lake district and invites you on the last weekend of May 2018 for a swim (maybe the first of the year) and constant relaxing.

The most central opportunity for swimming masters is lake Glambecker See. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the  town square. And while you're there you can easily get some refreshments. Here at the public bath you find everything you need: changing rooms, sunbeds and an attentive swimming supervisor allows you thorough swimming rounds.

If you need a break from whooping or singing along, you should go to lake Große Lanz. Nature lovers and people seeking for quietness will find what they are looking for. But because the lake is quite remote, you need a car or good stamina to get there.

If you don't have enough power to make it to the lake, the narrow-gauge train will bring you to lake Weißer See on Saturday. There's enough space for everyone, nice water and a perfect gangplank to dangle your legs in the water and take a break from festival life.

If you want to impress people with your dance shaped astral body in front of or in the water, you should head to lake Großer Fürstenseer See. The water is crystal clear and refreshes even the most exhausted of you. Maybe it also helps to get rid of the hangover or your sore legs!?

If you rather want to watch ducks paddling in the lake we recommend to go to lake Zierker See. It only takes 15 minutes to walk from the festival site. You think the view isn't enough or you don't enjoy watching the ducks doing sport? In that case you might have enough power to go to one of the ice cream shops in the center  of Neustrelitz.

It's up to you if you dare to jump into the water.

Text: Bibo