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Photo: Alessio Boni

The bottle of Bernd's mother's sloe liquor is covered with a thin dust layer.
A small handwritten sign gilds it quite unpretentiously. Different from the whiskey – made in Berlin – next to it.
Discovering the Opal (Salmari from Iceland) on the shelf sets the stage for the rougher part of the evening – after all hot dogs with braised onions are already in our stomachs. Madlen's braised onions make you feel warm and comfortable (compliment to Madlen) – 10/10, would recommend.
Then the concert. A lot of goosebumps listening to „AG Form“. No one else these days dares to make such romantic music without even lyrics. (Album release around July). The art of AG Form consists in lulling you (as braised onions do), sending you to a totally different place, finally picking you up from your deranged state of mind and telling you everything is fine.

Same but different with Calgary's second great birth after Viet Cong (called: Preoccupations). Not significantly less romantic.
A labyrinth that tells you there is only one way to get from the entrance to the exit. Preoccupation's Post-Punk is kind of like that – in another way.
Matt Flegel's raspy voice speaks our language, the language of long nights full of Whiskey and Opal – plus a pack Viceroys from Mac.
The Refrains are often made of just two words. The lyrics have gravity before you even know what is being said with these murmured drawn-out sentences. Once you do, you still don't get it. Out of the void, the three-four-time sends you to a seven-eight-time and back to a four-four-time. At the fifth listen, you finally understand how much washed-out rough shit you're actually hearing. Dissolved in the (un)romantic dismal arrangements.
Braise the onions, immergut is coming soon.
So delicious.

Author: Matse



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