Motorama 0 photo by irene parshina

Photo: Irene Parshina

Clear lakes, sunny meadows and the morbid charm of dull new building blocks. On a winter day in Leipzig – in January 2017 we can call it a real winter again – the beloved impressions from Neustrelitz are still far away. But again they are not – thanks to Motorama.

Granted, the impressions are quite real because they belong to the tour-diary of the russian band Motorama, whose music and videos are full of anticipation. And at the same time they make us listen to the future with a musical melancholy. Even Rostov-on-Don, home of the band, seems to be far away. But it is going to change when the russian group performs at Immergut Festival. During their first tour Motorama played in a little gallery in Leipzig in April 2011. A slightly dull sunday afternoon, a little too cold for the time of the year. At once a blooming atmosphere - it was spring after all - which was caught perfectly in the cramped concert room.

Even though it is about traveling, the minimal post-punk and new-wave-sound will make you feel at home. And if you want to escape the dark time of the year, Motorama is highly recommended. I can already hear the sound of the lake district.

Author: Sepp



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