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Photo: Morten Rygaard

Mew, yet again a band that’s not quite easy to google. Amongst MEW - Mittelständische Energiewirtschaft Deutschland e.V (Medium-sized Power Industry Germany e.V.), Pokemon and fluffy toys only close inspection reveals “Mew (band)”. With that the band follows in the footsteps of Wand, Air, Camera, Real Estate, Toy and German bands such as Mutter (mother), Die Nerven (the nerves), Messer (knive). Or more precisely all of these bands follow in the footsteps of Mew, because since 1997 the band releases exquisite indie pop albums, which surprisingly hide beyond radar level over here in contrast to their home country Denmark. Possibly this happens intentionally. In that case I would say: Hats off!, for knowing, how to name yourself with the aim of hiding online, as early as in the middle of the 90s.
In April their 7th album will be released which follows the album “+/-“ which was released in 2015. (again Kudos! for the traceability of that song in the online-bustle)
After 2006 the Danes will once again come to Neustrelitz to present new songs and all-time favourites. We are looking forward to subtle but somehow still great and massive sounds from our Danish neighbours.

Author: Bjarne



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