Lambert 175 fotograf andreashornoff

Photo: Andreas Hornoff

So, the first time seeing Lambert was kinda like this: I was way too close to the piano, which is why the sound of the keys being hit was louder than the actual music. Additionally, I was frequently thinking about how the sweatpants of the man with the mask were revealing way too much. Like, the shape and stuff, you know. And now it's kinda easy to talk about appearances, but that mask... Things like this are usually part of the interior in the living room of Klaus and Sabine, after they came back from their oh so inspiring Africa-all-inclusive-holidays. But then it clicked. Lambert plays with a lot of fuss and without any squiggles directly into one's heart. Maybe even the Klaus' and Sabine's hearts. He covers our favourite indie hits and makes them all grown-up. His works on his albums are so dark, we just need some time. Time to understand, to handle and maybe even to feel. You literally get humble when Lambert slowly pulls you into the undertow of melancholy and your thoughts start wandering. Probably, everything at Immergut Festival will fall silent when he gets in position in front of the piano. Take your thoughts with you.

Text: Steffi



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