Kettcar byandreashornoff 2017 1

Photo: Andreas Hornoff

When I think of kettcar I think of Immergut in 2009, I think of Immergut - The film and of Markus Wiebusch who was sitting on the stairs of the trailer while saying how nice it is that Immergut already exists for 10 years. Only in this year I realised the true greatness of the band.

Yeah, I know it's quite late, but when kettcar was founded I was only 15 years old and I was interested in different music genres. So I needed the Immergut Festival to show me what good music is and does. It makes people think, makes them reflect themselves, strong emotions can be shown and developed, connections are made and a collective experience outside of monotonous chart music is created. All of it was developed slowly over the years and was celebrated with a brilliant gig of kettcar on the 10th birthday of Immergut. Not only on stage but also in the audience.

Seventeen years after their first gig, 9 years after the 10th birthday of Immergut and 8 years after ‘Immergut - the film’ kettcar are coming back to Neustrelitz. In their luggage their masterpiece ‘Ich vs. wir’. I couldn't be any happier.

Text: Bjarne



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