Kat Frankie

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Photo: Sabrina Theissen

Kat Frankie somehow was always there.
(Or lets say since 2004 she was in our domains in Berlin.)
Here and there she’s always showed us what she's able to do.
She ‘s often proved it.
But never in a consistency that one wished for.
Sort of the eternal talent.
The rogue Santa Cruz of indierock? Not at all. In 2017 there was a noticeable change, already signaled by her co work of the ‘Schulz&Bőhmermann’ soundtrack with Get well soon in January 2016. After that she was in the live band of Olli Schulz for a bit and finally switched to Grőnland records. Her second album was released on the 2nd of February. Shes not just shining as a solo artist anymore, shes a group player in a team of four musicians. Her stage presence brims with dominance on the pitch, or lets say the stages of the world.

She leads through her concerts with swinging influences, convinces with a strong engaging sound and engaging announcements. A captain was born. Now its time to bring this energy to neustrelitz. Kat Frankie please show us the way to Spiel, Satz, Lied. We are waiting for you in front of stage Waldbühne.

Text: Bjarne



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