Julien Baker

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Photo: Nolan Knight

When you look for Julien baker using the world wide web, you will sooner or later get Justin Bieber as suggestion. But luckily, their young age is the only thing they have in common.
Although everyone above 27 has a hard time imagining people born in or after 1990 legally driving a car, let alone letting them buy chocolates filled with alcohol in your local supermarket.

But let’s get to the point. Julien is from Memphis and with her guitar in her hand, she just walks into our lives and dramatically plays her way directly into our hearts. It reminds me of emotional Grey’s Anatonmy moments, maybe even a season final, (again) a character dies and McMusic is just the thing.
With us at the Birkenhain it will be a little less dramatical, but I can already picture dreamy faces and waving blades of grass between smiling lips. We’re craving for music, that hurts a little and puts us into a sad mood. That suddenly reminds us of the death of Elliot Smith and just points out: Melancholy is perfectly fine. It’s not always sunshine and happiness. Simple as that.

But for Julien Baker this kind of sadness and sorrow totally paid off: Playing shows together with The National or Belle and Sebastian is just what she does, when she’s done with all her sold-out solo concerts.

Sounds quite grown-up for a 21-year-old, doesn’t it?

Author: Steffi



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