Christian Löffler (live)

Christianlo ffler 01 by maximilianbartsch

Photo: Maximilian Bartsch

There’s probably no producers that belongs so much to Immergut than Christian Löffler. We grew fond of the quiet and humble musician from the Baltic Sea years ago, who sees both Dntel and Pantha du Prince as inspiration as well as the early The Album Leaf and B. Fleischman records. Many of us fell in love with his quiet anthems: „Veiled Grey“, „Youth“, oh and „York“ – a treasure, that almost sank when Christian left it with his laptop in a New York cab.

Nothing picturises his music better than the cover of his latest album „Mare”: a blue morning sky. Forest and sea almost melting with each other. Countless times we’ve dived into “Blind” or “A Forest”, in Hamburg, Berlin, or Cologne – but the best dives are where the forest is deepest: at Immergut in front of Birkenhain.

Author: Asa



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