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Photo: Amanda Marsalis

Melancholic morning: As a woman is sucking the last bits out of her plastic cup through a plastic straw and then throwing in into the paper bin at the s-bahn station, I nearly shed a tear. The day was not great at all anyway (sleet in my face) and then this. And now I think about why it makes me sad and if there is nothing else to think about. I also thought that cups like this only appear in american tv shows.

And then I remember a diving seagull from an animal documentary last night (they dive for small fish, hold their breath for a minimum of 3 minutes and have nice feathers). Unfortunately it gets stuck in a plastic retainer for a sixpack and dies miserably. 

Angel Olsen has published three moving (magnificent) hit albums - from thrilling folk to pop - in the last five years. Finally, in 2016 she was unmistakable in various end-of-year polls.

Linguistically amazing yet simple words in a nice order, that make fundamental, social feelings understandable. These feelings (loneliness, love, being left by someone) come alive .

To feel better because someone else felt this way or even worse. Or just drown yourself in self-pity for an hour. Anything is possible.

Here are a few favourite lines: 

"I need you to be the one to call“

"I want to be the bed you wished for“

"You’re the only person which I carry on my back"

"Are you lonely too? Hi-Five! So am I“

She always keeps the the world-weary-shiver-sound and she drags you into it (if you are still a human being).

Get out your tinsel wigs - Angel Olsen is playing her only german festival show on our 18th birthday! Don’t miss out.

Author: Matse



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